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This page contains details of all Colombia country codes.

Iso Country Codes of Colombia

Iso Alpha-2
Iso Alpha-3
The two-letter country abbreviation for Colombia is CO, the three-letter code is COL

International Telephone Code of Colombia


The Colombia telephone country code is the number 57. If you want to call Colombia from another country, you can do it dialing the number 57, before the entire telephone number. each country has his owm number to identify this area.

Fips code of Colombia


TLD of Colombia

Colombia Country specific domain (Top Level Domain) The country-code TLD (Top Level Domain) of Colombia is .co, for example

Currency of Colombia

Colombia Currency The Colombia currency is the Colombian Peso COP

Region Iso Codes of Colombia

Region Region code
Amazonas CO-AMA
Antioquia CO-ANT
Arauca CO-ARA
Atlantico CO-ATL
Bolivar CO-BOL
Boyaca CO-BOY
Caldas CO-CAL
Caqueta CO-CAQ
Casanare CO-CAS
Cauca CO-CAU
Cesar CO-CES
Choco CO-CHO
Cordoba CO-COR
Cundinamarca CO-CUN
Distrito Capital de Bogota CO-DC
Guainia CO-GUA
Guaviare CO-GUV
Huila CO-HUI
La Guajira CO-LAG
Magdalena CO-MAG
Narino CO-NAR
Norte de Santander CO-NSA
Putumayo CO-PUT
Quindio CO-QUI
Risaralda CO-RIS
San Andres, Providencia y Santa Catalina CO-SAP
Santander CO-SAN
Sucre CO-SUC
Tolima CO-TOL
Valle del Cauca CO-VAC
Vaupes CO-VAU
Vichada CO-VID

Neighbors Countries of Colombia

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