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This page contains details of all Latvia country codes.

Iso Country Codes of Latvia

Iso Alpha-2
Iso Alpha-3
The two-letter country abbreviation for Latvia is LV, the three-letter code is LVA

International Telephone Code of Latvia


The Latvia telephone country code is the number 371. If you want to call Latvia from another country, you can do it dialing the number 371, before the entire telephone number. each country has his owm number to identify this area.

Fips code of Latvia


TLD of Latvia

Latvia Country specific domain (Top Level Domain) The country-code TLD (Top Level Domain) of Latvia is .lv, for example

Currency of Latvia

Latvia Currency The Latvia currency is the Euro EUR

Region Iso Codes of Latvia

Region Region code
Adazu novads LV-011
Aglonas novads LV-001
Aizkraukles novads LV-002
Aizputes novads LV-003
Alojas novads LV-005
Aluksnes novads LV-007
Babites novads LV-012
Baltinavas novads LV-014
Balvu novads LV-015
Bauskas novads LV-016
Beverinas novads LV-017
Brocenu novads LV-018
Carnikavas novads LV-020
Cesu novads LV-022
Cesvaines novads LV-021
Ciblas novads LV-023
Daugavpils novads LV-025
Dobeles novads LV-026
Dundagas novads LV-027
Gulbenes novads LV-033
Iecavas novads LV-034
Incukalna novads LV-037
Jaunjelgavas novads LV-038
Jaunpiebalgas novads LV-039
Jaunpils novads LV-040
Jekabpils novads LV-042
Jelgava LV-JEL
Jelgavas novads LV-041
Jurmala LV-JUR
Kekavas novads LV-052
Kokneses novads LV-046
Kraslavas novads LV-047
Kuldigas novads LV-050
Liepaja LV-LPX
Limbazu novads LV-054
Lubanas novads LV-057
Ludzas novads LV-058
Madonas novads LV-059
Malpils novads LV-061
Ogres novads LV-067
Olaines novads LV-068
Ozolnieku novads LV-069
Preilu novads LV-073
Rezeknes novads LV-077
Rojas novads LV-079
Ropazu novads LV-080
Rugaju novads LV-082
Rundales novads LV-083
Salacgrivas novads LV-086
Saldus novads LV-088
Sejas novads LV-090
Siguldas novads LV-091
Skrundas novads LV-093
Stopinu novads LV-095
Strencu novads LV-096
Talsu novads LV-097
Tukuma novads LV-099
Vainodes novads LV-100
Valkas novads LV-101
Valmiera LV-VMR
Varkavas novads LV-103
Vecumnieku novads LV-105
Ventspils novads LV-106

Neighbors Countries of Latvia

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